"Danger to Manilfold" error


I am using the 1.3D cable form Evoscan www.limitless.co.nz which is the same I think as the tactrix 1.3 cable.

I can connect fine using sawmill and will start showing realtime stats, however randonly I will get the red page with "Danget to Manifold" error appear and the SSM app appears to lose connection I have to unplu from the USB reconnect a re launch SSM to get it working, the error will usually happen after about 2 -3 minutes.

Is there any baud settings etc that might be causing this.




natewaddoups wrote Aug 25, 2009 at 6:53 AM

Yes, I think that's the Tactrix cable... "Danger to Manifold" is what it displays when it's trying to connect to the ECU. It sounds like your cable might be a little flaky. Here are some things to check:

If the cable is connected via a USB hub, try removing the hub and connect the cable directly to the laptop.
Make sure the cable's OBD2 connector is completely seated on the car's connector.
Check for any signs of cracking on the cable, especially at the ends.

Open a command-line Window and type "cd %TEMP%" and then "dir sawmill" and you'll get a list of log file with timestamps in the filenames. After you get the "Danger to Manifold" screen, close the app and upload the most recent copy of that file here. There should be some clues for me at the end of the file. If the cable is bad, I suspect that it's going to say that it received something unexpected from the ECU, or timed out waiting for a response from the ECU... but if there's something else going on, I'd like to see what it is.


cheesymong wrote Sep 29, 2009 at 3:32 PM

Hi Mate I haven't forgotten to do this I have just been sode tracked with other parts of the carpc build as soon as I get a chance I will re-test and submit the logs if I get the error.