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All files in this project for which I own the copyright are licensed to the general public under the terms of the Gnu General Public License. There are a couple of files in the project for which I do not own the copyright:
  • Logger.xml was created by the Enginuity crew (Kascade started it, Merchgod maintains it), and they have granted permission to include it in the installer. Since Enginuity itself is open-source you're free to use it in your own open-source project, but it would be smart to talk to them first just to be sure.


My employer doesn't want me looking at other peoples' GPLed code, so I can only accept submissions to this project if you first assign copyright ownership to me. I'll ask you to post your changes in a discussion thread and state for the record that you assign copyright to me. I realize that may be asking a lot, but note that since I offer this code under the GPL, you're free to fork this project and add your code to your own branch. I'm perfectly OK with that (really, I am), but note that I won't be able to contribute directly to your fork, and in the future you'll have to integrate changes from this branch without my help.


I realize the GPL doesn't work for everybody. If you'd like to see or use this code, but cannot agree to the terms of the GPL, then contact me. We can probably work something out.

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