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1.5.0 (beta)

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Released: Sep 1, 2008
Updated: Sep 10, 2008 by natewaddoups
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Release Notes

Update, 9/7/2008: There's a minor problem with this release - if you start SawMill before the car is started, it will crash. Once it has connected to the car, it is able to survive restarts and hibernate/resume, this is only a problem when starting it for the first time. I'll fix this in the next week or so.


This release adds "SawMill," which replaces TreeHugger. SawMill reads data from the ECU and can display it similar to Tree Hugger (but you have two sets of 6 gauges now) and it also builds tables that you might find interesting: the top edge of the data on the RPM/MAF table should resemble the horsepower line on a dyno plot; RPM/Load is similar, but for torque.

The "compressor map" table isn't worth much right now, but in a future version it should be possible to overlay a compressor map to see where you are on it. The "VE" table isn't strictly VE right now, it's actually just your raw load in the speed/density cells. If there is sufficient interest, I can probably do a bit more math and produce VE percentages instead.

You can now show two sets of 6 gauges. To choose which gauges, you'll have to edit SawMill.exe.config in the application directory. You'll have to look up the parameter ID and units in logger.xml (in the Configuration subdirectory). It's much like it was with TreeHugger.exe.config, but the config file's XML has changed somewhat. I realize it's a pain... One of the next things on my to-do list is to add UI to make it much easier to do this.

SawMill includes a "Back" button in the top-left corner (looks like "<") which actually minimizes it. This may or may not be useful when integrating with CarPC front end software. Let me know what you think. I don't use a front end (unless you consider explorer.exe a "front end") and I needed a way to get to my nav software.

The data collected by SawMill is saved in a file called, in your home directory. To reset, just delete the file.

TreeHugger is still included, but will probably be removed from future releases.

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