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When you start Lumberjack for the first time, it will be logging data from a simulated ECU. You'll need to select the COM port of your Tactrix cable to view data from your car. Other than that, Lumberjack's UI should be pretty self-explanatory.

Also note that the transitions between open-loop and closed-loop fueling modes do not happen as quick as you might expect, which diminishes the usefulness of those logging modes. I get the impression that they do happen immediately if you modify your ECU's loop transition delays, but I have not tried this myself. Also, since the car goes into open loop when you let your foot off the gas pedal, you'll get a bunch of uninteresting logs. I may remove the "open loop" logging mode unless I hear from people who actually like it. WOT logging is probably much more useful.


Data File - SawMill will create a file called in your home directory. This can be copied from your CarPC to a laptop or desktop for viewing at home. You can also copy/paste sections of the file into Excel (it's just CSV data) if you want to play with the data.

Copy/Paste - If you press Ctrl+C, the data from the current screen will be copied to the clipboard. It can then be pasted into Notepad (useful for the 6-pack screens) or Excel (useful for the table screens). The scatter-plot screens do not currently support copy-paste. Contact me if you would find that useful, it wouldn't be hard to achieve, but it's a LOT of data so I'm not sure how best to represent it on the clipboard. Screenshot, perhaps?

Configuration File - In the "c:\program files\natew\SSM" directory you'll find SawMill.exe and SawMill.exe.config. The config file determines:

* Where the window appears
* The size of the window
* Whether or not the title bar (including the "Close" button) should be shown.
* Which COM port to use for the SSM cable
* Which 6 parameters to display on each of the gauge screens.
* Maximum MAF, Load, RPM, etc. Set these to match your vehicle's needs.

The window placement settings should be obvious. The COM port is "Mock ECU" by default, it should be changed to COM1, COM2, COM3, or whatever is appropriate for your system.

If CarPC mode is "true" the window will be shown without the title bar, which makes it impossible to move or resize. But if you make the window the same size as your screen, the title bar is just a waste of pixels anyway. If CarPC mode is "false" you'll get the title bar, which is probably what you want if you're running this on a laptop.

The parameters are a bit more involved. You'll need to open the logger.xml file (in the Configuration subdirectory) to find the ID and units for the parameters you want to display. Add those to the config file using the same format as the existing parameters. I realize this is rather tedious, and I plan to make it much easier in a future release.

Missing Parameters - You may get dialog boxes that say that your ECU doesn't support one or more parameters. This is due to normal variations among Subaru ECUs. Unfortunately it is pretty tedious to fix them. You'll need to find the missing parameter in the logger.xml file, then find an equivalent that is supported by your ECU, and replace the parameter ID in the SawMill.exe.config file. I plan to add code to take care of this automatically, but I have no ETA. In the meantime, remember to back up your .exe.config file to a safe place before upgrading the software.

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