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There are three pieces to this project:

Lumberjack.exe: software for logging your Subaru's ECU data to CSV files
SawMill.exe: constantly aggregates information from your ECU, shows gauges, draws pictures and tables
NateW.Ssm.Protocol.dll: a .Net library for your own SSM project

Subaru Select Monitor (SSM) is a protocol used to monitor various engine parameters in Subaru vehicles from roughly 2000-2008, using the standard On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD2) connector. OBD2 cables with USB or serial interfaces are available from various vendors. I use a cable from, mostly because the founder has been very helpful in opening Subaru engine control units (ECUs) to the community.

Documentation - Pictures

Thanks go out to the following people:
  • Colby Boles, for providing an SSM-compatible cable with an OBD2 connector at one end and USB at the other.
  • The RomRaider team, especially merchgod, for the database of SSM addresses and conversion equations.
  • Calvin Cestari, for describing the SSM protocol.
This project would not be possible without their contributions.

And to these fine folks: This project would be possible, but not quite the same, without their contributions.

Please see the License Details page if you wish to contribute or have concerns about the GPL licensing.

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